Some Unspoken Rules for Women’s Summer Hats

Some women might tell you that since they’re self-assured, assertive, and forthright, they are normally not bound by any rules when it comes to wearing summer hats, unlike their male counterparts. This is because, generally, women can wear virtually anything on their heads – including men’s headgear – and still look gorgeous. However, there are still unspoken rules when it comes to women wearing summer hats so that the ladies may come out looking even more gorgeous.
1. Naturally, when it’s warm and sunny, you do need to wear sun hats with big brims for extra protection especially for the face in order to avoid those wrinkle-producing sun rays. Good female colors are blue and pink. There are many giant sun hats with large brims available especially for the beach or outdoor wear.
2. Straw hats can be worn also on very hot days as well as just warm days. Straw fedoras can be worn all throughout summer no matter what the occasion or where you’re going.
3. Because it’s summer, women can wear a man’s fedora, cowboy hat, or bush hat. However, if you find these hats too masculine for your taste, you can always embellish them with flowers, decors, or netting for a more feminine look.
4. Again, because it’s summer, wearing a hat to match your outfit can be optional due to the weather. It really doesn’t matter because what matters is the protection the hat offers against the sun and heat.
5. Other summer hats you might want to try out of fashion curiosity are Cloche hats (French bell hats or flapper hats), Paperboy hats (sometimes called newsboy caps), and English Mod caps (Carnaby caps).
For evening occasions wherein you might want to wear a hat, wear something that is lightweight since you’re no longer protecting yourself from the sun. Victorian Top hats are great for both semi-formal and evening steampunk outfits. Felt cloche hats are lighter than summer cloche hats and are cooler for the evening. Pork Pie hats and berets can be worn for evening occasions so long as they are made out of cotton and sequins, making them perfect for parties and clubs. If you’re going to a party or club wearing a really girly outfit, suit, or dress, you can pair it with a ladies fedora. You can also wear a light cocktail hat, with or without a veil.