Handling of Hats

Handling of hats – Hat Care Tips

How to handle hats with proper care? Here are some tips/instructions for you to take good care for your hat and maintain its shape.

  • Do not store straw hats in direct sunlight, as extended periods will dry out the straw and cause the straw to crack, eg. In the back of a car.
  • Never touch hats with dirty or oily hands.
  • Avoid resting hats on a flat surface especially if the brim is curved. Rest the hat on its crown.
  • Never pick up a hat by the crown. Pick up the hat by the edge of the brim.
  • Straw hats will eventually crack if continually pinching the “Dimple” in front.
  • The natural oils in your skin will eventually discolour the crown.
  • Never store a hat in the back window of your car. Straw hats will eventually dry out and crack from the extreme conditions. Other types of material will eventually fade from the temperature extremes and direct sun light. All types of hat may shrink from the heat.