Head Size

Head size – Determine your head size.

The attached chart is to be used as only a rough guide in head sizing. Do not use it as a general rule. People of different nationalities and races have different shaped skulls. Some heads are round, and others are more oval shaped. This can greatly affect the fit of the hat.

Headwear as in all apparel can have varying sizes between one manufacturer to another and one country to another. Therefore we cannot guarantee that a particular size will fit. It is always best to measure your head size. This takes only a few minutes and makes the choices a lot easier. There are many different recommendations for how to measure your head size. The way we recommend is for the tape to be kept parallel to the ground at all times and pass the tape measure around your head, one finger above the ears and ending just above the eyebrows. The alternative if you have an unusual head shape is to measure the widest section of your head.