Your Style

Finding your style – How to Choose the Right Hat for your Face Shape

If you are not used to wearing a hat but see this spectacular hat in a shop, and try it on, but do not like it on yourself, do not despair! Try on several other styles of hats then go back and try the original spectacular hat once again. Often when you have tried on a few hats you are then more comfortable seeing yourself in a hat. You will find you have a different opinion after overcoming your fear of hats.

A hat is just one part of an outfit. The real purpose of a hat is to enhance the good points of the wearer and to minimize the bad points. The golden rule with hats is to wear the hat that you feel comfortable wearing and one that makes you feel “special”.

There are several points to consider when choosing a hat:

  1. Style – Does the shape suit your features?Generally people with a small face and frame should wear a smaller hat or at least a hat with a small brim. Tall people with a larger face or with a larger frame will generally suit a large hat or a larger brim. People who wear glasses generally suit a style with a turned up brim taking the focus away from the face. When wearing a hat such as a hat with a sloping brim, try slanting the hat on your head in the same direction to accentuate the downward slope. This usually looks far more becoming. There are many different opinions but basically pick a hat that you like and that you feel comfortable wearing.
  2. Colour Tones – Does it match both the outfit and your hair/skin type?Colour plays a very important aspect in the choosing of a hat. Because the hat is worn so close to the face it must compliment and flatter your skin tone. The colour must also compliment the outfit to be worn. The colour can be chosen as a contrast to the outfit but must still compliment the outfit. If the hat is the same colour it is important to introduce another colour to the outfit in some way. To wear a hat “Especially an outrageous hat” you must have confidence, and feel special. If you feel “good” you probably look “good”.
  3. Occasions – Is the hat suitable?Choose a hat that compliments the occasion it is to be worn for. An example would be that a sunhat suitable for the beach would not be suitable headwear for a formal wedding.
  4. The Outfit – Does it match?Generally the “Line” of the hat should compliment the lines of the outfit not forgetting that colour and contrast also play an important part when matching a hat to an outfit. Try on hats in front of a full-length mirror to see the full picture and make sure it “Balance\’s” the neckline, waistline, and hemline.
  5. Hair – Which style best suits my hat?Try experimenting with you hairstyle to see which styling best suits the style of hat you wish to wear.