BARMAH -Foldaway Cooler Oiled Cooler-MBAR1064

BARMAH -Foldaway Cooler Oiled Cooler-MBAR1064

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The Foldaway Oiled Cooler is one of the most popular Barmah™ leather hats.



BARMAH - Foldaway Cooler  - MBAR1064

About the Foldaway Oiled Cooler:

Is made of genuine cowhide leather in Melbourne, Australia
- It is a soft suede leather treated with oil
- It appears and feels weathered and rustic
- It has flow-through mesh sides to allow ventilation

Offers all-round sun protection

- Tilts down naturally at the front and back to protect your eyes and neck
- Ultra-violet Protection Factor (UVP) of 50+

Includes features to ensure your hat lasts the distance:
- Dri-Hide® - Waterproof due to treatment with leather oil
- Stainless steel coil spring wire and double-binding in brim
- Softie™ Sweatband - Elastic to absorb sweat and hang onto your head
- Colour-matched Hat Band stitched as well as glued to hat so it never falls off

Can be fully folded into a calico bag (included)